Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Guerilla Girls Speak up in NYC

After having the honored opportunity of listening to a founder of the Guerilla Girls, specifically "Frida Kahlo," I have decided to share some of her words of wisdom in hopes of encouraging participation and maybe even debate concerning her thoughts in the move for equality for the female race.
Fellow BYU students with the Guerilla Girl
Her message was called,
"Guerilla Girls guide to being a bad girl"
and these were her points:
1. Be a loser
Don't let your raging egos take over
2. Be crazy
Use your humor to find a unique way of expressing your own ideals and theories
3. Be anonymous
For the Guerilla Girls, they attract more media through people wondering who they are provoking more followers
4. Be an outsider
Find what's under looked and expose it
5. Just do one thing. Then do another
Elmers glue works fantastically
6. Don't make only expensive art (or display it)
7. Love museums but be tough on them
How are they preserving and displaying our history. Demand ethical standards
8. Complain Complain Complain
But again, find a unique way to do it
9. Use that "F" word: FEMINISM
Speak up for all human rights
Last but not least:
10. Be a great ape!

So... My question to you, as the reader, is what do you have to say about these words of wisdom from the Guerilla Girl? Do you agree? When is it too much? What are your ideas for being unique and getting your voice heard?

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