Thursday, September 23, 2010

Happy Birthday Louise Nevelson by Emily Larsen

Louise Nevelson, Sky Cathedral, 1958

Louise Nevelson was born on September 23, 1899. What are your thoughts or opinions on one of America's most important female artists?

Personally, I love Nevelson's work. I think it is beautiful and interesting - and forces me to look closely at it. There are so many details and nuances in her work, that I keep coming back to look again and again.

In high school, when I first learned about Nevelson, I had no idea she was a woman. I thought of her as "Louis Nevelson," because my teacher never mentioned her gender. I was somewhat surprised when I found out Nevelson was in fact, a woman. Do you think gender plays a significant part in Nevelson's art? Why or why not?


  1. I believe I am on record saying that Louise Nevelson's work reminds me of the design of the Death star. She is awesome. Happy Birthday!

  2. I don't think that most museums are prepared for the mind hernia that art nerds get when they first see a Nevelson. Down here in Phoenix there is a gold one and my wife was the only one there to keep me from losing it.

    I think more so than gender the aspect of her work that I find interesting is the sentimental nostalgia for something lost paired with the modern ideal of the form having a beauty in itself, stripped of context.