Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Aspiring For More

Jared Latimer who currently runs one of Utah's more ambitious Art centers, the CUAC, said that "Utah doesn't have a critical voice in the whole state." This blog seeks to provide such a voice. The students of the Art History Department are here to serve. We seek to share with you, the reader, what we love and what we disagree with in our field. We will inform you about exhibitions in the surrounding region including exhibitions at BYU's Museum of Art, student shows and symposiums, as well as what our department is researching. This being a blog implies that we hope for participation and contributions from the online community. Remember this blog's soul purpose is to serve you as you seek to enrich your life through the visual arts.

Update: If you have written something you would like posted on the blog please email it to! We would love to post your submissions about any and all things art related - near and far, things on campus and in the larger art world. Exhibition critiques, new ideas, professional development, theory, interesting links - the sky is the limit!

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