Friday, October 8, 2010

Has a "new age" of curating arrived? by Haddy Jarvis

In an article I read from the New York times it gives an account about the "New Guard" of curators.  Currently at the MoMA, as well as other museums across the country, the average age of the curators is drastically decreasing, and with this younger age of curators a younger audience is being attracted to the art museums.
"This is a generation who grew up entirely in the digital world and they are untroubled by distinctions of media.”
This younger group is thinking differently and not only do they organize the exhibits, they play a role in the fund-raising and advertising aspects for the museums.  These curators are thinking differently, they think through their ideas.  Its fresh and new, and they are beginning to think beyond the physical museum, reaching out for new ideas to engage their audiences.

Personally for me, this was an exciting and endearing article to read.  I am apart of this younger generation and will soon have the opportunity to contribute to the "new age" of musuem curating. 
What are your opinions on this younger age of curators and their far-fetched ideas for designing exhibits?  Are they taking it too far? And more importantly- is there a down side to the "New Guard?" 


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  1. We will have to see how this plays out, but I really like this trend. It is time for art to become more populist again and I think the younger generation is more tuned into that.